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LIFT Wellness Center offers a weight management program created by HMR Weight Management Services to Jackson and West Tennessee. This highly structured diet and lifestyle change program aims to help with weight-loss goals whether you are trying to lose 20 pounds or 100 pounds.        


Why Fast Weight Loss Works

HMR programs help individuals achieve fast weight loss in a livable way by encouraging people to eat more and stay satisfied, which makes it easier to stick to the program in the short-term, and over the long haul. According to LIFT Weight Management and LIFT Wellness Center Director, Miki Martin, "Losing weight quickly is incredibly motivating. It can help people stick with their diet longer, which is especially important if you have a lot of weight to lose. Many of our clients have 30, 40, even 100 or more pounds to lose, so fast weight loss is important to keep up the momentum." Miki also adds, " It's a common misconception that fast weight loss isn't healthy or sustainable and that it will lead to weight regain. That is simply not true. Studies have shown that following a lifestyle-change program that promotes fast initial weight loss is associated with better long-term success.

HMR focuses on three skill areas critical for weight-loss and weight maintenance:

  1. How to make healthier food choices
  2. How to eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. How to increase physical activity

Research has shown that practicing these skills may also help reduce the risk factors for the development of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some types of cancer, and other chronic diseases.

How the Progam Works

For 35 years, the HMR Progam has been offered at hospitals and medical facilities across the U.S. Based on the principles of behavioral science, the program includes:

        -Use of HMR foods (and fruits and vegetables) to take a break from current eating habits

        -Lifestyle education to learn how to make healthier food choices and increase physical activity over the long term

       -Health coaching for extra support and accountability

       -Maintenance phase when HMR foods are tapered off and the emphasis is on lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables for a long-term healthy eating plan



       -Both in-clinic and at home programs help participants meet or exceed the government standard of 5-10% of initial body weight, which represents medically significant weight loss.

       -Clinic Program results (in-person): Average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions Plan is 28-37.5 lbs, based on research studies conducted in people who completed between 12-26 weeks on the program.

       -At-Home Program results: Average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions at Home Program with phone coaching is 23 lbs at 12 weeks and 28 lbs at 26 weeks for those who completed the program.



 Q: Do I have to be a LIFT member to participate in the program?

 A: No. You do not have to be a LIFT member to participate. The HMR program does include physical activity as part of the program, so the LIFT Wellness Center is a perfect place for that. The LIFT Center offers a walking track, lap and warm water pool, a variety of group exercise classes for all fitness levels, a wide variety of cardiovascular and strength training equipment, and personal training. LIFT Weight Management clients can also take advantage of a discounted enrollment fee to the LIFT Wellness Center if they decide to become a member.

Q: How is HMR different from some other diet programs?

A: HMR specializes in helping those with a lot of weight to lose. Another key difference is that we have a team of professionals here to provide coaching and support face-to-face.

Q: Won't people regain their weight when they return to "regular" foods?

A: The research is clear: Diets that include the strategic use of calorie-controlled meals- the foundation of HMR's diet plans, are more effective than standard diets where people choose their own meals. (Anderson et al. Postgraduate Medicine. 2011; 123:205-13, Heymsfield et al. International Journal of Obesity, 2003; 27-537-549). HMR foods are used as a temporary tool during weight loss to reduce diet decisions and help people lose weight quickly. After weight loss, they can be used strategically to displace calories. The program uses a maintenance phase where HMR foods are tapered off, and the emphasis is placed on lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables for a long-term healthy eating plan.

Q: What are the benefits of fast weight loss?

A: Big changes on the scale can be more motivating than small changes, which may encourage some people to stay on their diet longer, and ultimately lose more weight. For example, if someone had to lose 50lbs on a "slow and steady" diet of a pound a week, it would take almost a year. On a plan promoting faster weight loss, the time on the diet could be cut in half.



To learn more or to attend a free information session, call us at 731.425.6820 or email at [email protected].




Sara has lost 175lbs using HMR's Healthy Solutions.

"You're not hungry, it's easy, you're held accountable that's why you're successful!"


Lost 100 lbs. in 10 months using HMR’s Healthy Solutions® clinic plan

Jenny had always been “a larger girl.” She had started and failed on many different diets. It wasn’t until she found the HMR program that she was able to lose 100 lbs. and begin living a healthier lifestyle. She is amazed at how far she has come from a life of watching TV on the couch, to working as a trainer at her gym.

“I thought I could do it on my own, but over many, many diets, I failed. The HMR plan worked because it was so simple.”


Lost 75 lbs. in 12 months on HMR’s Healthy Solutions® clinic plan

When Kevin found himself struggling to climb a flight of stairs with his son, he felt humiliated and embarrassed. He knew at that moment that he was going to have to make some lifestyle changes. On the recommendation of his primary care physician, Kevin joined the HMR Program.

 “If you do exactly what (HMR) tells you to do, there’s no way you can fail… that’s the great thing about this program.”

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